SF Racing Sport Coilovers - 2014+ Kia Soul (PS)

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SF Racing Sport Coilovers for the 2014+ Kia Soul are the best coilovers available for street-driven cars. SF Sport Coilovers were designed to give a wide range of ride height adjustability without reducing the spring travel. Each corner of the car has 32 levels (or clicks) of damping adjustability. This combines both the rebound and compression into one adjustment knob. The coilovers also use rubber top mounts to help reduce the noise that typically comes with high performance aftermarket coilovers. SF Coilovers come standard with an anodized coating to protect against rust and corrosion caused by extreme use and harsh external elements.

SF Racing parts are manufactured from high quality products sourced from around the world while still maintaining a very affordable price. SF Racing Sport Coilovers are the perfect setup for your daily driver.

Part Number SF-KI11-02-SP
Vehicle 2014+ Kia Soul
Chassis PS
Damper Model Sport Series
Damping Adjustability 1-Way: Rebound and Compression
Damper Size 52mm
Spring Rates Front: 7 kg/mm
Rear: 3 kg/mm
Top Mounts Front: Rubber
Rear: OEM
Camber Plates Front: Camber
Rear: -
Important Notes -

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Ask a Question
  • Will these fit the 2020 Kia Soul S

    They should be the same exact suspension mounts, but we will need photos of your factory suspension to confirm. Please provide us photos of both the front and rear shocks including the lower mounts and any other brackets on the suspension. Email them to sales@sfracing-usa.com.

  • Will these fit the 2020 GT-Line Turbo?

    Our Kit for Kia Soul 2014+ doesn't fit the GT Line Turbo.

  • I currently have a 2016 Kia Soul base model, in ordering a shipment with the chamber plates included does it come with all four coilovers

    Yes, we only sell the coilovers in a full kit with all four corners.

  • Do you guys ship internationally to, Northern Mariana islands?

    Yes-- you'll receive a shipping total when you check out. Please be aware you may incur customs and taxes.

  • Fit for 2017 Kia Souls are perfect!!! I just got mine on yesterday and I ride smoother than stock springs and coils. You can lower super low if want but I went to 1/2 inch above my tires and I don’t scrap or hit fender at all going over speed bumps or high curbs. With the damper set it amazing!!!!

    Thanks for the feedback. Please be sure to leave a review too!

  • Whats the max drop ?

    For vehicles like SUV or MPV, the approximately max drop 2.5-3 cm, 1 inch (around 2 index-finger tall).

  • i have a 2015 Kia soul which coil should i pick

    These are made for the 2015 Kia Soul.

  • Can you confirm these coilover work on a Kia Soul 2018? Looking for about a 2 1/2 drop both front and rear. Are these in stock?

    Yes, they fit the 2014-2019 so the 2018 will work.

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