SF Racing Sport Coilovers - 2017+ Land Rover Range Rover Velar 2.0 (L560)

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SF Racing Sport Coilovers for the 2017+ Land Rover Range Rover Velar 2.0 are the best coilovers available for street-driven cars. SF Sport Coilovers were designed to give a wide range of ride height adjustability without reducing the spring travel. Each corner of the car has 32 levels (or clicks) of damping adjustability. This combines both the rebound and compression into one adjustment knob. The coilovers also use rubber top mounts to help reduce the noise that typically comes with high performance aftermarket coilovers. SF Coilovers come standard with an anodized coating to protect against rust and corrosion caused by extreme use and harsh external elements.

SF Racing parts are manufactured from high quality products sourced from around the world while still maintaining a very affordable price. SF Racing Sport Coilovers are the perfect setup for your daily driver.

Part Number SF-LR01-02-SP
Vehicle 2017+ Land Rover Range Rover Velar 2.0
Chassis L560
Damper Model Sport Series
Damping Adjustability 1-Way: Rebound and Compression
Damper Size 52mm
Spring Rates Front: 14 kg/mm
Rear: 14 kg/mm
Top Mounts Front: Rubber
Rear: OEM
Camber Plates Front: -
Rear: -
Important Notes -

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Ask a Question
  • How does this work with the electronic dampening suspension on my velar.

    No-- you would be removing that feature as the coilovers have manual adjustments on each corner.

  • Will these coilovers fit the Jaguar F-Pace? It's the same chassis as the Velar.

    You'll need this kit as long as it's the x761 chassis. https://www.sfracing-usa.com/products/sf-racing-sport-coilovers-2016-2019-jaguar-f-pace-x761

  • Are there any pictures of this installed?

    Sorry, we don't have any. The drop is adjustable so it wouldn't properly show the full range.

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